4 Lessons You Can Take For Success


Hello wonderful people on planet Earth!

Today I will talk about a moment when my life completely changed. It was such an inspiring moment that I believe it will inspire you too and improve your life.

Searching for a Bachelor to study, back in 2013, I knew I didn’t want to study arts, as I was afraid of loosing my creative flare, but didn’t have any idea of what I really wanted to study. Because my parents were interior designers, I went to study the same field.

I struggled a lot. Since i was used to arts, I felt outside my comfort zone. After two semesters, I had to take the dreadful “3D Studio Max Class” (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a program where you can digitally create 3D models, for film, animation, design, etc). It was said to be the most difficult class in the Bachelor, and its failure rate was the highest of all classes.

I went and did it. I struggled, not understanding a thing. After all, I loved to work with my hands and any computer work was difficult and boring to me.

I failed.

After failing a semester as well due to personal problems and anxiety, I felt… terrible. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Even more anxious. I felt like a failure, that I wasn’t smart, and that I would never get any success in life.

After a lot of support from my boyfriend and self helping myself back into a better version of me, I came back as strong as ever.

Nobody was going to stop me this time!

But I had to repeat the dreadful class. Oh boy was I happy.

(I am being sarcastic here).

Before I was having all my classes in the morning. This time, I was having classes in the afternoon and night, doing a semester plus repeating classes (this went on for a year). I took this class at night, from 7 pm till midnight, every Tuesday.

The first time I went, I was nervous. I didn’t want to fail again and didn’t know what to expect.
I had another professor this time. And that was the luckiest chance I could have gotten.

At first, I found him funny because he was telling jokes a lot, but nothing special. But as classes went on I realized what an amazing teacher he was. Let me tell you why.

These 3D StudioMax classes went on for 5 hours. He would explain something on the board for about 10 minutes, and the rest of the time he would sit by our side and help whoever needed. He was putting himself on the level of the students, and that is a surefire way to get your class to connect with you.

He was talking to us and making jokes like we were all friends, and not putting a wall between us and him. He treated us as equal and not as “children of today are all the same and they don’t know anything”.

There wasn’t any arrogance. Just a pure joy to teach. And whenever he came to me, i understood immediately what i had trouble with, because his style of teaching and explaining was crystal clear.

He went to a student to help, and then he would go to another student to help, and then another one, and then another one…. FOR 5 HOURS STRAIGHT!

Let me say this again: 5 HOURS of no breaks, no eating, and he would literally run to the bathroom and come back running. What is even more amazing is that he did this after having started at 8 am and having had classes all day. So at 7 pm he should have been very tired. But still, he smiled, said jokes, helped each one of the students personally with the program and stayed until midnight with us.

It inspired me.

Because of that, it became my favorite class. With him, I learned more in a month than I had learned with the other professor in three months.

He taught me everything in such a flawless way, that by the end of the semester I was helping other students struggling, so the teacher would have more time (and to go to the bathroom without running!). I ended up having one of the highest grades in this class where a lot of students failed.

I had learned something very valuable. I didn’t fail because I was a failure. I failed with lack of motivation and lack of help. After trying again, I was helped and heard, I felt the teacher was there for us all, that he acknowledge everyone and their problems and helped with his kindness, knowledge and respect. And that motivated me into becoming really good at his class.

Competition never worked to motivate me. What did was being valued for being there and wanting to learn, feeling it was okay not to know, and that I could ultimately ask for help and get it with kindness and wisdom.

So this is what you can take from this story:

– Get out of your comfort zone because only then you will find truly rewarding experiences.

– If you fail, it’s not because you are a failure.

– It’s okay to ask for help if you don’t understand.

– You failed? Try again! You failed again? Try again! With perseverance you will succeed, I just know it! You can do it, I believe in you!

Teachers have all different teaching styles, that don’t suit everyone. If you can, look or ask around for another professor for the same class, because just maybe you will find, just like I did, one professor that will inspire you to learn more and change your life.

Have a wonderful sunny day,

Teresa a.k.a Leo

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