Hello minasan (that’s japanese for “everyone”)

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

In this world where we all are, a new year has begun. We were faced with a true ordeal over the last 9 months. Life as we know it has changed. Is that good? Is that bad? I can’t tell, when these feelings of these weird beings revolve in this time warp.

As a child i grew up loving new year. I mean, just seeing these wonder colors explosions in the sky made my mind completely fascinated and happy. As i grew up, i saw it through some more experienced eyes and now i don’t enjoy it as much. When i think of the poor animals believing there is a war outside and the pollution these fireworks produce, i am in a way happy we didn’t get to do them this year.

New year resolutions. Why do them when all one does is forget them? I believe the ending of a year is not the end of a cycle. Let me explain: Nature doesn’t know what years are, what months are, what hours are. Nature doesn’t know what human time is. We invented clocks. We wanted to control time as we wanted to control everything we could. According to an article by Mary Bellis on ThoughCo., we’ve been trying to control time for millennia and our modern base-60 time system dates back to 2,000 BC, from Sumeria. The English word “Clock” comes from the french cloche, which means bell. So humans have been controlling time for a long time (no pun intended) but nature does not seem to react to our passing of time. Because time is different there. In nature, beings are born, they live for some time and then they die. And that’s it. That’s the cycle we are in: The circle of life (and as I’m writing this i can’t help but having that opening song from The Lion King in my head).

Corona-virus was born, now it lives, and then it will die. Like all beings are. That’s the only thing we can be sure about. Once i saw an image and there was Life and Death potraited and life was helping a turtle beginning her way to her life and ultimately to death. “We are just presents Life gives to Death” it was written. I found that cute but also too one-sided. But then i learned the ways of Buddhism and realized we are never dead. Our bodies die, but our souls live on. And then they are reborn in another body. So that’s Deaths’ present to Life: our souls. I feel happy with that realization.

So we didn’t “start this new cycle” because we never finished. A cycle opens and closes with you. You control your own time. You control yourself, but then again, nature controls you. The only thing you can control is how you react to life, until you don’t have your body anymore. And you having being born is the ultimate miracle.

Happy continuation of the circle of life!

P.S: There’s a photo of sheep because i believe in their cuteness.


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